Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Welcome to the MichiganONE DMR Net!

Welcome to the home of the MichiganONE DMR Net, Michigan's first weekly DMR net hosted on the BrandMeister Network. We are in the planning stages of this net, with a hope to launch in April of 2019. This takes a great deal of coordination, time and effort to successfully plan and launch an active and sustainable net.

Our Mission

Share News and Information
This net will strive to be a critical place to share news and information about DMR and hobby large in Michigan. We will strive to deliver news on DMR development (new repeaters, talkgroups or events), as well as Michigan specific amateur radio events happening in our (large) neck of the woods.

Test DMR Equipment and Systems
This net will strive to be a vehicle to test DMR equipment and systems. This includes operator equipment (HT's, mobile rigs, and DVAP's), repeaters / system links, and BrandMeister infrastructure.

Engage in Fellowship with Other Operators
This net will strive to encourage fellowship and goodwill between radio operators inside and outside of Michigan. The net is open to any licensed amateur with a radio and a desire to key up to join.


There are several steps needed in planning this net. The most critical of which is selecting both a day/time for the net, and a talkgroup on which to host. We could certainly toss a dart to determine these, however it's much more ideal to evaluate the best days and times, as well as partner with link system groups and talkgroup administrators. We are attempting to be mindful of other statewide DMR nets for surrounding states (Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) yet establish and secure a place for Michigan.

Net Control Stations
We are looking for Net Control Stations who are willing to pick a week to run the net. We could have one person do this, however as this net is meant for amateurs all over the state (and the global), having multiple NCS is preferable. This also greatly helps the sustainability of the net and allows for vacations, life events and equipment outages.

If you interested in being a net control for this net, please contact Dustin N8RMA at d2thomas@gmail.com or via the contact us form on this site.

Thank you!

Starting any net is a daunting but rewarding task. Please, get involved in helping us and spread the word to other friends in DMR.