Monday, September 11, 2023

Net Report 11-SEP-2023

KC0MYPDana F West
KD8NPVJeffrey R Romence
KE8SVEAdam C Draayer
AD8BUFrank M Lemanski
KB5BGCGary F Runcie
W8JMOJoshua M Osmialowski
N8TJThomas E Janke
KD8PTELucille T Scotti
N8NMGJohn D Goldsborough
AD8KNRichard E Klingensmith
KC0LDYMark A Bickford
KB8IWOVernon F Lawson
KX8XXMark E Schmidt
KD8VJDAllan G Ostrander
N4ALKAllan Karden
WB8QJZStanley F La Muth
WA8EFKDale R Williams
WB8HSBruce H Spence
N8XCMCharles D Marsh
AC2ULRonald N Brown Jr
N8RMADustin A Thomas

Monday, September 4, 2023

Net Report 4-SEP-2023

KC0MYPDana F West
N8XCMCharles Marsh
AC2ULRonald N Brown Jr
W8JMOJosh Asmialowski
KD8VJDAllan G Ostrander
KE8SOVDaniel L Prachar
KC8WXMSteven A Sutton
N4ALKAllan Karden
WA8EFKDale Williams
AD8KNRichard E Klingensmith
KE8UYDMichael Birdsong
KE8YZGTravis Cannon
KE8NJTBrian G Vissers

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Brandmeister back-end upgrade requires your API keys to be re-generated

If you are using Brandmeister’s API keys for your applications, please read this article carefully.

Over the weekend, the Brandmeister administrators performed a significant upgrade to the backend servers and databases. This upgrade included bolstering the security of the platform, and as a consequence the existing API keys have been invalidated and need to be regenerated.

If you presently employ API keys within your Brandmeister configuration (for pistar, openspot, custom programming, etc.), you may encounter a “401 – Unauthorized” error message. To resolve this issue, kindly follow the instructions provided in this article to generate new API keys for your application. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best 73’s from the Brandmeister Admin Team.

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