Sunday, February 28, 2021

Help Needed: Are you interested in being a part of the staff?

The super limited and mainly Kalamazoo based staff of the MichiganONE DMR Net are always looking for operators who would like to help us out, as this is our statewide net. This includes assistance such as a regular NCS, backup NCS, net administrator, or social media manager. If you are interested in helping out in any of those areas, please contact us.

Regular NCS: This is a station who takes a specific, regular NCS slot. Right now N8YUI and N8RMA rotate but we'd love to add another station in there. This helps alleviate issues around vacations, travel for work, burn out, etc.

Backup NCS: This is a station that can take the net if no regular NCS are available. This requires a certification of at least 1 net a year, just to ensure they are able to do so. Beyond that, they act as a reserve NCS.

Ideally, I'd like to have an NCS ready station in every part of Michigan, which includes:
  • Metro Detroit / Southeast Michigan
  • Lansing / Central Michigan
  • Mid-Michigan / Upper LP
  • Kalamazoo / Southwest Michigan (covered)
  • Upper Peninsula 

Net Administrator: This is a person who posts net logs to the website, updates the statistics and adds new participants to our database. This person should be fairly handy with online systems, including Blogger and Google Sheets.

Social Media Manager: This is a person who will regularly post to various social media sources (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, QRZ, Discord, etc) in order to promote and attract new stations to join our net.

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