Thursday, June 10, 2021

Check out our detailed net statistics!

Have you ever wondered how the net has grown over the years? Perhaps how many times you've checked in? Or how about which net was the longest?

Well we can help you out there.

We now have detailed net statistics available for anyone out there who is into those kinds of things (we are). You can find them updated weekly right here, going all the way back to the first days of the net.

Read below for more information!

First and foremost - huge thank you to Randy N8YUI for putting this together. This entailed setting up a cloud-based logging system to replace the traditional excel logging, extracting and importing all the historical data, and creating the dashboards. It was clearly a labor of love and is much appreciated.

To see the most recent statistics, simply click on Net Statistics in the above nav bar. It will take you to a blog page with a link to our statistics dashboard. You can click the link or simply wait 5 seconds for the redirect.

Once on the dashboard, feel free to explore all the juicy bits of data!

You can find the following on our page:

  • Historical net length and check-in count
  • Check-in's from Michigan counties / needed counties
  • Check-in's from US states / needed states
  • Detailed net log (date, call, name, QTH, state, county, etc)
  • Check-in count by net date
  • Duration by net date
  • Number of check-ins per call sign
  • Number of nets by NCS
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy the feature.


MichiganONE DMR Net Admin Team

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