Thursday, December 23, 2021

Michigan DMR Repeater / Talkgroup Matrix

Borrowing an idea and format from our Hoosier friends to the south, there is now a Michigan DMR Repeater / Talkgroup Matrix. In a nutshell this is a one stop shop that lists every DMR repeater in Michigan, regardless of the ISPC network. This list indicates how to connect to each repeater and the talkgroup / timeslot configurations. Instead of scouring the vast internet for details on DMR repeaters around the state, this list has you covered.

Includes repeaters on:

  • BrandMeister
  • DMR+
  • Mi5 / W8CMN
  • TGIF
  • Chicagoland
  • Crossroads DMR
  • and more!
This data has been gathered from a variety of sources, include repeaterbook, BrandMeister, W8CMN, DCI / DMR-MARC,, and scores of various websites. The most valuable resource however is YOU, the regional experts and repeater owner / operators.


You can use the filter funnel to quickly show just a certain type of DMR repeater (e.g. Mi5 only, BrandMeister only, etc) or limit the list to just "on air" repeaters. More filters will be added as the list matures.

Something wrong? Report it!

If you don't find a repeater on this list, or you find information that needs added / corrected, use the link on the form to request the change. This will go to the regional admins so that the list can be updated.

Talkgroup Key

FT | Full Time | Static
  • TG is always on designated TS
  • Cannot be disconnected

PT | Part Time | Dynamic
  • TG is published as available or suggested
  • Will be active for duration (e.g. 15 minutes) once used

SK | Scheduled
  • TG will be set as static during scheduled period
  • TG will revert to dynamic outside of scheduled period

BM | On BrandMeister
  • TS is open to any BrandMeister TG
  • May not be published, but is still available

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