Monday, August 15, 2022

Net Report 15-AUG-2022

We have officially migrated net operations to Netlogger. If you have or get Netlogger, you can now following the net in real time. This platform allows you to see who is checked in, and who is currently talking. It even has an "almost instant message" feature that is essentially a chat room for the net. Download Netlogger

I believe it was Jim KB8QAS (apologies if it wasn't) who mentioned there is a mobile app version of Netlogger, called On-Air Net Scraper, which is also a handy tool you can use to confirm you're on the list!
BOLO! Be on the lookout for special event station K8L, for the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend. Check them out on QRZ for more information. K8L QRZ | ILLW

W8EOEdward A Oxer
KC0MYPDana F West
KE8SOVDaniel L Prachar
KD8PTELucille T Scotti
N8RJHRichard J Hughes
KE8UQUMichael E Skelly Ii
WB8QJZStanley F La Muth
KE8RXNCollin Mcconkey
WA3TUURichard E Klingensmith
KB8QASJames A Soles
N4ALKAllan Karden
AC8ZDDavid P Behnke Jr
WQ8AJames E Wilson
KD8VJDAllan G Ostrander
N8RMADustin A Thomas

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