Monday, October 17, 2022

Net Report 17-OCT-2022

Great net tonight, almost set some records!

Net Newcomers: N8FF, KE8DKP

N8FFChris F Brosh
N4ALKAllan Karden
KD8NPVJeffrey R Romence
N8HLYThomas J Orlicki
N8TJThomas E Janke
KC0MYPDana F West
KB5BGCGary F Runcie
W8BBKBrad A Barrone
WB8QJZStanley F La Muth
W8TOYJohn W Little
KE8DKPCharles Brown
KA9FONMilton Poulos
WA3TUURichard E Klingensmith
KE8UQUMichael E Skelly Ii
KD8PTELucille T Scotti
WQ8AJames E Wilson
KE8FJWBrad A Newhouse
N8SBEDavid E New
N8NIFRichard K Seeley
N8RMADustin A Thomas

Open your Pi-star dashboard by host name:

You can open the Pi-Star dashboard on any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer (not the hotspot) connected to the same network as the hotspot by browsing to (use trailing slash) http://pi-star/ for Windows, or http://pi-star.local/. Enabled modes are highlighted green, and you can monitor activity. You can also sign in to the admin dashboard from this as well - it works just like using the IP address.

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