On this page you can find several very basic codeplugs for popular model radios. These can be used as is, or as a seed for your custom codeplug. After downloading, make sure to enter in your DMR ID (very important) and adjust the settings to your taste. Then, simply write to the radio. If you have a DVAP or hotspot, you'll need to add those channels specific to your DVAP.

If you have a codeplug request or if you find a correction that is needed, please email me at and let me know!

Available Codeplugs

Digital Contact Lists (20-JUN-2019)

Change Log
  • [4/29/2019] Created and uploaded all codeplugs to the site
  • [5/1/2019] Added Michigan VHF and UHF FM repeaters to the D868UV codeplug
  • [5/13/2019] Added Digital Contact Lists (dated 13-MAY-2019)
  • [5/14/2019] Added CS580 (UHF) to the codeplug list
  • [5/29/2019] Generalized codeplug enhancements (menu options, etc)
  • [6/20/2019] Updated all TYT codeplugs for Mi5 System, added admit criteria. Updated Anytone codeplug for all Mi5 locations, updated digital contact list within. Updated digital contact list downloads.
  • [6/25/2019] Added Baofeng Btech 6X2


  1. There is no data in the TYT MD-380 (UHF) file

    1. I would check your CPS and download the file again. There is data in the codeplug ( and I'm able to both view and load to a radio.

  2. Dustin, I have a hotspot being delivered on Saturday.i will call you.i wish to thank you for your help and advice.thank you so much. M6KCD 73

  3. I'm trying to open your TYT md390 codeplug with mt TYT 1.03 CPS. It shows "THE MODEL IS WRONG" What am I doing wrong?

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  5. I have the same problem. Downloaded Michigan codeplug for MD-380 and using V 1.40 programming software, and when I try to open the codeplug, it says "The model is wrong" What am I doing wrong??