Monday, July 25, 2022

Net Report 25-JUL-2022

There are a few dates in August where I will be traveling, so if you are interested in helping run the net, please contact me. I've already had a few people reach out to me, but many hands make light work.

KC0MYPDana F West
N8SBEDavid E New
KE8MWHTerry G Smith
KE8FJWBrad A Newhouse
KE8UQUMichael E Skelly Ii
W8EOEdward A Oxer
WB8QJZStanley F La Muth
WA3TUURichard E Klingensmith
KO4SSWBlair C Smith
KB8QASJames A Soles
N4ALKAllan Karden
KC8RGOVance B Nelson
N8NIFRichard K Seeley
KD8VJDAllan G Ostrander
N8RMADustin A Thomas

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