Monday, March 27, 2023

Net Report 27-MAR-2023

HUGE thank you to Steve KC8WXM for taking the net this week while my son and I attended some important family commitments. Seems like it went very smoothly and we appreciated the assist very much!

Remember - next week (April 3rd) is our 4th anniversary event and you never know what can happen so tell your friends!

N8TJThomas E Janke
W8BBKBrad A Barrone
KE8NJTBrian G Vissers
KE8UQUMichael E Skelly Ii
N8NTVTerry L Becker
KJ4BOLJerrold T Moore Ii
WA3TUURichard E Klingensmith
N9KIWJohn C Johnson
N4ALKAllan Karden
N8NIFRichard K Seeley
N9NJSBrent L Cameron
WB8HSBruce H Spence
K8PDJDorian Jurgle
KD8VJDAllan G Ostrander
KE8RXNCollin Mcconkey
KD8PTELucille T Scotti
KE8FJWBrad A Newhouse
KC0MYPDana F West
KC8WXMSteven A Sutton

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