Tuesday, May 21, 2019

MichiganONE DMR Net for 5/21/2019

Net Summary

Stations Checked In: 9
Net Closed: 7:46 PM (7:00 PM start)

The net today saw 9 stations checking in, including 4 new stations, on this "Hamvention Hangover" edition of the net. New to the net were KB8POO, KC8EPQ, AD8BV, and N8GY - thank you for checking in and welcome to the net. Net regular (and founding member) James W6AQT gave us an excellent run down of his time in Xenia, including the forums he visited and the goodies he brought home.

The net was held on Tuesday at 7:00 PM today, as a trial of the day and time. It seemed to have positive feedback, however we'll have to see next week if the check-in numbers come up. I will post a survey after next week on this site to solicit feedback on the best day and time for the net. If you have not subscribed, please do so in the box to the right, so you can get our email updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Call SignName

  • Just a reminder - the net next week will again be on TUESDAY at 7:00 PM. We will be seeing if Tuesday at an earlier time is a better slot for the net.
  • After May all these changes will stop and the day and time will be finalized. Be sure to subscribe to our site, so you get emailed updates when we post information.
  • I will post a survey on our site where you can provide feedback on the day and time of the net, so look for that in the coming weeks. As always you can drop me an email at n8rma@michiganonedmr.net
    • We had some inclement weather here in the last week - it's a good reminder to have extra batteries charged, first aid kits and flashlights handy, and etc. Remember TG 31260 on BrandMeister is designated for Michigan AREAS and weather alerting, so make sure to have that programmed.
    • No reported changes for any Michigan DMR repeaters within the last week.

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