Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Official Net Day and Time!

Friends and radio amateurs,

After a productive month of May, trying out various days and times for the net, we have decided on a schedule moving forward. This is no easy task, and I'd like to thank everyone who checked in to the net to provide feedback. This decision was based purely on the numbers - stations checking in and the length of the net. The new time of the net will be:

Monday, 8:30 PM Eastern, TG3126

While based on the evidence from the nets being held, this decision was not made lightly. We've selected this time to accommodate those who like to attend the Michigan ARES D-Star Net, Monday's at 8:00 PM. With summer almost here and the sun staying out longer to play, the 8:30 PM time is a little later, helping us to all get our needed Vitamin D. Lastly, Monday is mainly a clear day in terms of DMR nets, allowing operators to also participate in the Indiana statewide net on Tuesday, the Ohio statewide net on Wednesday - among others.

Tuesday, while being discussed as a potentially great day for the net (to accommodate those on the large GM net) failed to see any of those stations checking in. I wanted to give those operators a chance to stop by the net, however the interest currently does not seem to be there. In addition I know there are some times when BrandMeister gets pear-shaped on DMRX, causing issues for other operators on the east side. Hopefully we can work through those technical issues and one day soon welcome those operators to the net.

So that's it for now folks - please spread the word and hopefully now that the net has a solid day and time, we'll see some more check-ins and fellowship each week.

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